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Christmas 2015






Happy Holidays from our staff to you!

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Our wonderful staff are friendly, experienced and professional.  Call us today to get your appointment scheduled at              (360) 435-4043.

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January 2015









Let’s get acquainted!

Arlington Dental Clinic

Dr. John T. Dykstra, DDS and staff

Left to Right front row: Becky Kent Hygienist, Rhonda Martin Dental Assistant, Cali Cabe Hygienist, Mary Smith Dental Assistant, Jessica Kincaid Dental Assistant & Admin Assistant.

Left to Right back row: Sherry Bailey Hygienist, Carol Lundberg Accountant, Dr. John Dykstra, DDS and Michelle Foster Practice Administrator.


Holiday Season

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Christmas 2014From all the staff here at Dr. Dykstra’s office.  We hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season.







Arlington- Stillaguamish Eagle Festival

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Arlington- Stillaguamish Eagle Festival
Rock, Paper, Scissor Art Show
January 31- February 1, 2014

Art Reception Friday night with Brass Menagerie, a quintet, wine and refreshments and art preview. Full event on Saturday.

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City of Arlington!

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Arlington is a city in northern Snohomish County, Washington, population 17,926.  Arlington was platted in 1890, and was named after Lord Henry Arlington, a member of Charles II of England’s cabinet.  Arlington was incorporated as a city in 1903.  Since then there have been many important historical figures who have taken residence in Arlington.  The city is home to the Stillaguamish Valley Pioneer Museum.